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M4F projects

Black Geographies Canoe Tour

A canoe tour of the river city of St. Louis commemorating Black and Indigenous relationships to our rivers, and restoring connections to these sacred waters. The tour engages issues including environmental justice, broader histories and legacies of racialized violence, resistance, resilience, and place-making.


Visiting Artists/Scholars: Germany's Forgotten Genocide

A premier documentary screening and discussion of Kavena Hambira's NUH-MI-BEE-UHN, featuring our visiting artists/scholar's multi-directional, reparative remembrance of "Germany's Forgotten Genocide," the Herero and Nama Genocide in present-day Namibia, in partnership with the St. Louis Kaplan Feldman Holocaust Museum.


M4F at the Black Archives in KC

M4F visits the Black Archives in KC with Lois Conley, founder and director of the Griot Museum of Black History in St. Louis, to learn from its exhibition of soil jars gathered by Missouri Community Remembrance Projects, and to discuss the continued development of African American archives in Missouri.


Visiting Artist: Public Reading as Re-Membering

In partnership with artist in residence Aida Šehović, a public reading from compiled lists of people killed in various acts of systematic, racialized violence. Our collective gesture of remembrance offered presence and remembrance as an antidote to absence and willful forgetting. The collective, repetitive, rhythmic, reading is intended to bring our public closer to something they/we ignore, overlook, don’t want to see/hear/confront/understand.