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Public Reading as Re-Membering

A public reading from compiled lists of people killed in various acts of systematic, racialized violence. A collective gesture of remembrance as multi-directional empathy, solidarity and resistance.


M4F in Tulsa

M4F visited Tulsa, OK to explore reparative community remembrance in another wounded place, using this immersive educational experience to inform and inspire our work in St. Louis. This blog gathers impressions and photos of M4F participants from visits to various sites in and around Tulsa' vibrant and contested commemorative landscape.


Survey of St. Louis Memory Work

The Survey of St. Louis (MO) Memory Work takes stock of some of the many commemorative interventions reshaping our memorial landscape.


Sojourner Truth Study Club

A wearable, mobile commemoration of the vitality of community organizing, and contributions of black women leaders, this t-shirt remembers the Sojourner Truth Study Club established in St. Louis, Missouri in 1938.



An exhibition examining the (re)presentation of historical narratives through artwork and artifacts, and their role in building counter-narratives related to race, respect, interconnection, and belonging.



Related Projects
Philippine Village Historical Site
Commemorating the 1904 World’s Fair, centering perspectives of Filipinos and Indigenous people
Center for Bosnian Studies
A preservation initiative at Fontbonne University focusing on the experiences of Bosnian genocide survivors and their families, with a focus on those living in metropolitan St. Louis.
Alternative Atlas STL
A digital project mapping StL as palimpsest or place bearing and addressing scars of a past that remains present
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