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Final Showcase Memory for the Future
Join us for the Final Showcase of the projects that emerged from the Memory for the Future Studiolab. Come and share this celebratory moment with us. The event will take place at the Lewis Collaborative at 725 Kingsland, steps north of the University City Public Library in the Delmar Loop. Parking is free at the north entrance of the building, and a shuttle is available for easy transport from the Mallinckrodt Bus Plaza on the main campus.
Lewis Collaborative, 721 Kingsland Ave, University City
April 26, 2023
Film Screening: Target St. Louis Vol. 1.
m4fstudiolab's profile picture Come join us next Wednesday April 19th at Hi-Pointe Theatre for a screening of Target St. Louis Vol. 1. Stay for a panel discussion with the filmmaker, a scholar of Cold War radiation tasting in the US, and former Pruitt-Igoe residents!
Hi-Pointe Theatre
April 19, 2023
Drawn from Memory: the Creative Potential of Memory in Comics
Come Discuss-Share-Buy-Sell-Trade Comics! Join us for an informal discussion on topics of personal memory in comics with special guests from Sam Fox School of Design and Visual Art: Instructor Dan Zettwoch and members of Washington University’s MFA in Illustration and Visual Culture students.
Lewis Collaborative, 721 Kingsland Ave, University City
April 8, 2023
Germany's Forgotten Genocide: NUH-MI-BEE-UHN
A film screening and discussion of Kavena Hambira's NUH-MI-BEE-UHN. March 12, 2023, 11am - St. Louis Kaplan Feldman Holocaust Museum‍

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