The M4F Studiolab

The Studiolab space, participants & partners
The M4F Studiolab started in September 2022 and will conclude in May 2023. The studiolab is based in the Lewis Collaborative, a long-standing and newly renovated creative hub located at:

721 Kingsland Ave., University City, MO 63130

Learn more about this University City landmark, including the adaptive classroom, exhibition and gathering spaces M4F makes use of:
Inside the Lewis Collaborative


M4F engages WashU graduate students and other university and community-based participants in a co-taught, year-long (two semester), interdisciplinary seminar, a practicum, and an integrated series of activities including public discussions. The design of the studiolab models earlier “history workshop” movements designed to facilitate more participatory, inclusive and transformative interventions in history and memory. We describe M4F as a "studiolab" to emphasize the public-facing, creative, and experimental nature of this public humanities class and lab.

Check back soon for more information about the M4F student participants.

Meet our team


M4F participants are working closely with St. Louis-based organizations and initiatives to conceptualize and develop reparative public humanities projects. Our current project partners include: